Super Friday Night

For its presence at Super Friday Night during Super Bowl 50 weekend, Pepsi engaged Sub Rosa to generate multiple all-new interactive experiences for concertgoers. These experiences accompanied Pharrell Williams and DJ Khaled in an evening that thrilled spectators, while building positive buzz around Pepsi’s overall sponsorship of Super Bowl 50.

Client Conversation

In its initial conversations with Sub Rosa, Pepsi sought projection mapping experiences for both the exterior and interior of San Francisco’s Pier 70. These experiences needed to incorporate Pepsi branding, while also celebrating the energy of the evening’s music. The artistic intricacy of the project evolved as OpenCV (facial recognition technology) was introduced. The imaginative work of Joshua Davis, Sub Rosa’s Media Arts Director, was integral in the overall experience, inspiring multiple touch points.  

Our Work

Working alongside Pepsi, the Sub Rosa team created 5 major moments within the space:

  • An outdoor projection map across the entire Pier 70 building, setting the scene with an animation of the Pepsi logo in a universe of its own. The massive projections spanned 242 x 60 feet.
  • An LED bridge, which came to life through an audio-responsive ribbon of colors, drawing the audience toward the stage.
  • A uniquely-coded audio-responsive social media wall, for which content was populated, all while pulsating to the music in real time.
  • An OpenCV powered installation which tracked attendee movement, generating digital Pepsi-themed particles on screen.
  • A real-time audio reactive and generative art animation that was inspired by the Pepsi brand but driven by the evening’s music.


Through interactive and responsive installations, Sub Rosa’s collaboration with Pepsi merged music, art and technology for concertgoers during Super Bowl weekend. Each installation featured expressive branding that celebrated both Pepsi and the music of Pharrell Williams and DJ Khaled, taking fans on a journey that demonstrated the power of collective energy and unexpected connection.
The event saw coverage in SF Gate, Popdust, New York Daily News, re/code and Haute Living.