Re/code Naming and Website Design

After departing The Wall Street Journal, two of the industry’s most influential technology writers sought Sub Rosa’s strategy in creating a new, independent platform. Enlisting a full spectrum of departments, Sub Rosa developed the identity, visual design and UX for Re/code - an independent tech news, reviews and analysis site. From strategic branding, site-naming, visual design, and user experience, to front-end tech support, Sub Rosa delivered a platform that became home to discerning technology influencers seeking newness and a fresh perspective.


Client Conversation


Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher are two of the most influential technology writers today. When they decided to depart The Wall Street Journal’s well-read tech blog AllThingsD to create a new, independent platform, they enlisted Sub Rosa to brand and build its online presence. The platform would need to be a familiar home to technology influencers’ distinct style of reporting, but also represent newness and a fresh perspective.



Professional journalism needs to be celebrated and substantiated, especially when dealing with some of the top influencers in a large and growing industry that touches nearly every aspect of our lives today. Sub Rosa noted that a distinct message and consistent design would provide a uniform site to host the new and cutting-edge content. We saw that a prefix system would help to structure the site while also making a provocative statement of renewal and fresh perspective.

Our Work


A full spectrum of departments at Sub Rosa were engaged to develop the brand identity, visual design and UX. Strategic branding and identity oversaw site-naming, while visual design language, user experience informed the overall interface of the website. Front-end tech management was provided in order to launch the site at the commencement of 2014.


Internal: A New Home Base

The launch was a success and the brand identity offered a true and relevant message to its founders and their featured topics. The visual design of the slash served to anchor the brand in the prefix while navigating throughout the site, as well as offline, in the highly regarded conferences that would take place and the daily newsletter.

External: Presence

Upon launch, the brand held its own against the myriad competition for online technology news and content. Indeed, readers of AllThingsD began to reroute their news navigation from The Wall Street Journal to Re/code. This meant ease of use and user experience were successfully engaging and capable of holding the attention of its tech audience.