Project 1324

Sub Rosa was approached by Project 1324, an Adobe initiative that supports, connects, and amplifies a community of emerging creatives for positive impact to design, fabricate and activate an immersive, inspirational experience in partnership with The Malala Fund at multiple venues around the world.

Press & Awards

Client Conversation

Project 1324 needed a way to engage young creatives at TEDYouth Brooklyn and to generate content related to the #withMalala campaign. With a tight timeline, Sub Rosa was able to hit the ground running — creating a modular booth that had the ability to travel beyond TEDYouth Brooklyn to other conferences around the globe.


Knowing the creative landscape and having past experiences within the conference world, Sub Rosa was able to quickly sketch multiple concepts and iterations taking into account the parameters set forth by the client. Sub Rosa landed on a concept that was part gallery, part inspirational backdrop and part multimedia creative studio, which would interact with Adobe’s #withMalala gallery. The unique experience would allow TEDYouth guests to inspire and be inspired by other creative youth around the world, all uniting to stand with Malala Yousafzai in supporting education for girls.

Our Work

At the center of the experience was a fully functioning, sound-dampening recording booth where event goers could interact with the Adobe Spark Video app for iPad and create custom animated stories using the full toolkit within the app’s library. On the exterior of the center booth were two 70″ touchscreen monitors that displayed the #withMalala web experience and gallery submission therein. The perimeter of the experience consisted of two freestanding pillars with 27″ touchscreens on one side and call to action signage elements on the other. Two iPad workstations enabled easy access to the Adobe mobile app products for submission of creative work. One of these tables was standing only and the other was seated and ADA compliant. The clients natural creative background was extremely helpful during the sketch process and helped facilitate quick approvals for designs.


The activation debuted at TEDYouth Brooklyn in Fall 2015, seeing hundreds of visitors. The popularity of the Adobe Creativity for Change space led to the project traveling to London for TEDxTeen, where it saw thousands of visitors; both in-person and online. Adobe’s #withMalala project has seen user-generated content submissions from over 30 countries, including the work collected from the Sub Rosa-designed TED activations.