Nikon Innovation Forum

For the release of Nikon’s KeyMission product line, a groundbreaking series of action cameras and accessories including the new KeyMission 360 Sub Rosa was engaged to create a compelling event experience for media, partner brands, and industry influencers. The approach was to create an experience as aspirational and immersive as the capabilities of the innovative products.

The Challenge

The industry narrative surrounding 360-degree video and photography had thus far been primarily focused on the realm of extreme adventure and sport. To impactfully showcase Nikon’s new line as tools that revolutionize the storytelling experience from the user’s point of view, Sub Rosa had to recast the conversation from far-flung locations and death-defying stunts to intimate and relatable everyday moments.

Insights & Outputs

Armed with a value proposition and unique narrative angle for Nikon, Sub Rosa set out to create a memorable event that would deliver an interactive experience above and beyond the standard product preview. To accomplish this, Sub Rosa selected World of McIntosh, a stunning Manhattan townhouse optimized for larger-than-life immersive experiences.

Leveraging this dramatic residential environment as the perfect setting to show off the lifestyle-capturing capabilities of Nikon’s 360-degree cameras, Sub Rosa created a series of original short films set in the venue, which would later be seen by event guests via tablets in the very rooms where the scenes were shot. This surreal experience allowed attendees to magically peer into the past and view the scenes from all angles while delivering on the brand’s core messaging for the product line—capturing life’s most intimate moments from one’s own point of view.



The invitation-only event drew guests from innovative brands including Huffington Post RYOT, Discovery Networks, National Geographic, 8ninths and VICE News, and key media outlets like TIME, Consumer Reports, Conde Nast Traveler, Wired, YouTube, Dealerscope, Road to VR, ABC News and more. Nikon’s content released in conjunction with the event resulted in earned media, totaling more than 100 million media impressions.