Art + Science of Feeling

Nike sought Sub Rosa for the North American launch of its Free Hyperfeel — a shoe designed to move with runners. Focused on resonating with the sneaker-conscious community and audiences across industries, Sub Rosa produced “Art + Science of Feeling in NYC”: an interactive installation that took guests on a barefoot journey of discovery. Including artist collaborations, technological innovations and physical takeaways, the launch garnered foot traffic, dedicated media coverage and substantial social media sharing.


Client Conversation


Nike Free Hyperfeel is a shoe designed to move with you, acting as an extension of the foot in order to deliver a natural motion sensation for the runner. Nike tasked Sub Rosa with developing the North American launch of the Nike Free Hyperfeel. The objective focused on connecting with and driving buzz within the sneaker-conscious community, and also engaging with multiple audience verticals across fashion, design and sports.


To better understand the breakthrough innovation of the shoe, Sub Rosa designed and conceived of the Art + Science of Feeling in NYC: a custom, interactive labyrinth that took guests on a barefoot journey in which they became completely immersed in the concept of natural motion.

Our Work

The installation was executed at Gansevoort Plaza in New York’s Meatpacking District to coincide with NY Fashion Week. Participants were compelled to concentrate on their feet and the sensation of running on a variety of surfaces. Throughout the journey, a series of intuitively integrated interactive product installations helped communicate the product benefits and campaign messaging.

Sub Rosa also partnered with artists Aramique Krauthamer and Jeff Crouse to capture guests’ neurological responses across a series of visual, audio and environmental stimuli. The output was displayed as an interactive data visualization in the final-reveal room alongside the Nike Free Hyperfeel Shoe. The artistic interpretations grew organically during participation, providing a unique and personal takeaway for guests.



More than 1,000 visitors during the four-day activation.
Dedicated media coverage from Core 77, GQ and Cool Hunting.