Wear Life Well

L.L.Bean, one of America’s most established and honored brands for more than 100 years, requested Sub Rosa’s strategy in redefining and relaunching a younger, more metropolitan line: L.L.Bean Signature.
The project included developing the brand’s values, strategic positioning, messaging and a go-to-market-plan across digital and physical platforms.
Sub Rosa also redesigned the website UX, created an original video series, and produced a media campaign featuring real customers, aligned with the new tagline, “Wear Life Well.”


Client Conversation

L.L.Bean sought Sub Rosa in order to relaunch the company’s newer label, L.L. Bean Signature. As a subdivision of the brand that is both younger and more modern, L.L.Bean needed to strike a balance between old and new in order to be relevant with a metropolitan audience, while also remaining true to its core consumer base.


100 years in business is a significant accomplishment and illustrative of a successful embodiment of timelessness. Therefore, Sub Rosa strategized that L.L. Bean was a brand to honor and celebrate, rather than redefine.

By focusing on L.L. Bean’s prestigious past (Heritage), resilient quality of goods (the Fit), and articulating the brand’s voice in modern lifestyles (Signature Stories) we targeted the opportunity for the brand to offer something significant to a new audience.

Our Work

The work with L.L.Bean included developing Signature’s essence and core values, constructing a strategic positioning against the competition and the core L.L.Bean brand, distilling messaging into a campaign tagline and the creation of a go-to-market plan across digital and physical platforms. Additionally, Sub Rosa redesigned the user experience on L.L. Bean’s website to fit the brand’s refreshed tone and position, as well as produced a series of short films and media campaigns.


Internal: A New Dimension to Culture

The project resulted in a complementary voice for the L.L. Bean brand that enhanced its history as well as established modern cultural connections. The new tagline, “Wear Life Well” emerged as a mantra internally within the company, as well as externally.

External: New Market Growth

A previously unreached audience engaged with L.L.Bean for the first time, or in some cases, in a new way. The ease with which consumers could purchase their favorite classic pieces, as well as something new and on-trend was both natural and enjoyable.