HP Discover 2015

On June 2-4, 2015, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) made its physical debut at the company’s largest annual meeting in Las Vegas, HP Discover. It spoke to its customers in terms of the future by creating an immersive experience that demonstrated its plans to be the IT partner to the businesses of tomorrow. From the illuminating ceiling comprised of the new brand logo, to the user journey, HPE and Sub Rosa worked collaboratively to ensure this first brand experience for the newly formed HPE was intentional and memorable.


Client Conversation

HPE came to Sub Rosa during a historic moment of change. In October 2014, HP announced a separation into two industry-leading Fortune 50 companies. As the industry leader underwent its transformation from one entity to two, the new HPE had an unmatched opportunity to re-launch a fresh identity for a world famous computer technology company. Ahead of the official November 2015 split, HPE – comprised of the technology infrastructure, software and services businesses – would launch an immersive experience at the HP Discover conference in Las Vegas for its customers. With this highly anticipated moment on the horizon, HPE partnered with Sub Rosa to develop a physical manifestation of the new brand that would represent the future of the company.


HPE was developed to support a new way of doing business, where IT strategy is inextricably linked to business strategy, and the promise of this frictionless future needed to be represented spatially. With this in mind, Sub Rosa knew that the HPE Discover experience would need to stand out and captivate on the dense conference floor. The team set out to design a space that was inviting and comfortable for visitors to stay long enough to fully understand the new brand and Hewlett Packard Labs’ endeavors. This first application of the new logo and design system, months ahead of the official split, had to tease tomorrow, today.

Our Work

With a short timeline and a significant amount of creative development at hand, the team developed a project plan that enabled enough time for all client stakeholders to review and feedback on the process and designs. Starting with a framework that evolved the established brand messaging into a creative platform enabled the team to ensure strategic alignment and integrity throughout the project. Sub Rosa worked with the brand team and the research group at Hewlett Packard Labs to create a new experiential and spatial design system that communicated the ongoing innovation of HPE and introduced the company as the IT partner of the future.

Over a dozen product demonstrations and content touch points were integrated into an open floor plan that enhanced ease of navigation. The logo was brought to life through a sculptural ceiling that framed the space and created a highly visible beacon, while also serving as a structural component for display. The team worked diligently with the fabricators to ensure the design was consistent with the plan, secure and equipped for the amount of visitors that were coming through the space.


The future looked bright at the HP Discover, with the HPE experience successfully launching its first physical manifestation as a new and independent brand. The experience stood out from the crowd by offering visitors a place to sit and relax to learn more about the future of HPE. It generated significant, positive feedback from HPE customers, employees and the media, alike, with foot traffic expectations and engagement time exceeding past years.

The HPE experience attracts visitors like a moth to a flame. HP Discover attendee