Generation Indigenous

Program Architecture, Communications Toolkit and Brand Identity

“Generation Indigenous” (Gen-I) is a multifaceted, far reaching initiative driven by the White House to care for and raise up Native American youth. The Department of the Interior approached Sub Rosa to help organize and streamline Gen-I’s various programs and messages ahead of the first-ever White House Tribal Youth Gathering — held in Washington, DC on July 9, 2015. The Gathering convened American Indian and Alaska Native youth from across the country and senior White House Administration officials in order to discuss the initiative’s progress, and to understand the road ahead. This work, done in goodwill by Sub Rosa for the partners, yielded a new brand identity for Gen-I, as well as communications collateral for supporters of the initiative to share their endorsement of the cause on social and digital channels.


Client Conversation


Gen-I is comprised of both interconnected and independent components, managed by a consortium of a several private, public and governmental entities. While this collaborative approach enables greater reach and impact, challenges arise in crafting and communicating a unified, clear message about the initiative. The White House Tribal Youth Gathering presented a great opportunity for the initiative to resonate, and those in charge needed assistance in making it as memorable as possible.


The various component programs of Gen-I each serve a specific purpose — some drive the initiative forward and others provide checks and balances to ensure the goals and objectives are met. While the roles they play in support of the overall initiative might differ, each works to maintain the focus of Gen-I on a singular, perceived solution: community projects. Once this insight was uncovered, we were able to identify how all components align, establishing a solid understanding of the scope of Gen-I. This informed point of view enabled the Sub Rosa design team to create graphics that more accurately reflected the vision, mission and strategies behind the initiative.

Our Work

Our first task was to organize all current components of Generation Indigenous, crafting more pointed visions, missions and strategies. The relationship between all components was then visualized through a “program architecture:” a graphic structure that brought to life the ecosystem in order to determine how each piece fit. By refining the vision for Gen-I (Native youth reaching their full potential), the mission (To remove the barriers that stand between Native youth and their opportunity to succeed), and the strategies (Be comprehensive and culturally appropriate. Solutions come from the top down, as well as the bottom up; from those who have the authority to drive social change, as well as those affected by such changes),

our design team had a solid foundation on which to create visual assets that expressed the heart of Generation Indigenous.

From this foundation, a digital badge was made for supporters to place as their profile photo on social media channels; hidden between the feathers are upward and downward facing arrows, reflecting the comprehensive “top down and bottom up” strategy of Gen-I. The asset provided creative inspiration to then refresh the Gen-I logo, resulting in Sub Rosa’s generating a new brand identity that was adaptable to promote the White House Tribal Youth Gathering, as well as other important moments.