For Women By Women

  1. asset_xlarge_mamo_3 A design panel discussing the next steps in enhancing the mammography experience
  2. asset_xlarge_mamo_5 A panel discussion
  3. asset_xlarge_mamo_1 One of the many groups that held discussions in the space
  4. asset_xlarge_mamo_6 A mock up exam room
  5. asset_xlarge_mamo_4 Guests taking some time to go into the video booth in the space
  6. asset_xlarge_mamo_8 One of the many panelist discussions held in the space
  7. asset_xlarge_mamo_7 GE - Mammography

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Project Description

In October of 2011, Sub Rosa launched GE’s For Women By Women initiative – aimed at increasing knowledge, awareness, and treatment of breast cancer while furthering GE’s commitment to women’s health. With a curated roster of collaborators including IDEO, Susan G. Komen, The Mayo Clinic, and a variety of other commercial and institutional partners, we conducted a month-long campaign to re-imagine the mammography experience. This effort brought together women patients, doctors, designers, engineers, and cancer survivors to work in concert to explore and evolve the mammography experience, as well as the general design and experiential approach to women’s health. The resultant output from this effort established GE’s long-term investment in the field and helped chart a course for innovation and progress for years to come.


120hours of build-out time to have the space ready for opening day

42succulents kept alive in the space

12world class design panelists working with GE to redesign the experience

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