On the Side with Sub Rosa Design Director Natalie Sims

On the Side with Sub Rosa Design Director Natalie Sims


Not the only, but a notable side project from our Design Director Natalie Sims recently launched in subway stations across New York.

Natalie works with the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) creating visual tools for tenants’ rights organizations to educate about rent regulation in New York – regardless of immigration status – and demystify complex public policy and increase meaningful civic engagement in under-represented communities.

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The subway posters were created in English, Spanish and Chinese, and distributed across 48 subway stations, which will reach millions of New Yorkers.

We spotted a few …

CUP is a nonprofit organization that uses design and art to improve civic engagement.

CUP projects are collaborations of art and design professionals, community-based advocates and policymakers, and CUP staff.

More, from CUP:

“Rent stabilization is a law that makes housing more affordable to thousands of New Yorkers by limiting how often and how much rent can go up. But tenants don’t always know their rights, and are sometimes afraid to demand them. In neighborhoods like Chinatown and the Lower East Side, landlords eager to cash in on increasing property values often pressure tenants to move out, and harass them to make it difficult for them to stay.

CUP collaborated with grassroots organization CAAAV and designers IntraCollaborative to produce this poster helping tenants understand rent stabilization law and their rights as tenants. The poster provides information on how to challenge harassment and other illegal practices, and how tenants can organize collectively to be able to stay in their homes affordably.”

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