Applied Empathy Podcast: The Generational Divide

Applied Empathy Podcast: The Generational Divide


Applied Empathy is a monthly conversation series held at Sub Rosa’s studio in Manhattan. Each discussion features individuals who incorporate empathic behaviors into their professional and personal lives. In conjunction with a Sub Rosa moderator and audience, they discuss a unique theme pertaining to empathy and their respective careers.

This month’s session, “The Generational Divide: Empathy for the Ages,” is all about differences and similarities across four different generations. To explore the theme, Sub Rosa’s Founder/CEO Michael Ventura is joined by:

  • Baby Boomer Alexei Orlov – Business Leader and Global Marketer
  • Gen Xer Debra Scherer – Filmmaker, Photographer, Founder and Creative Director of The Culture Crush
  • Millennial Alexandra Roxo – Co-Founder of Moon Club, Spiritual and Creative Mentor, and Award-winning Filmmaker
  • Gen Zer Michael Flom – Student and Music Entrepreneur

Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoy.

Sub Rosa’s Applied Empathy podcast is available via SoundCloud, StitcherGoogle Play, and iTunes. The card deck used in each Applied Empathy session is available for purchase via