Sub Rosa, by creativebrief

Sub Rosa, by creativebrief


Over the years, Sub Rosa has acquired the attention of a variety of partners and press. Of late, we’ve appreciated support from creativebrief, a company that “aims to provide brands and their teams with impartial market intelligence in unrivaled depth.”

"The end-game is simple: stimulating a new generation of razor-sharp marketers & empowering them to make confident decisions about the strategies for their brands & the agencies they do business with." creativebrief

While you may see Sub Rosa’s work with Pantone on the homepage or in creativebrief’s monthly newsletter, our portfolio page provides a more constant portfolio of our organization, which is a good reference and resource for interested clients or collaborators.

Additionally insightful are Michael Ventura’s interview “On the evolution of Sub Rosa, the importance of personal growth, and abandoning the traditional RFP,” and the agency feature, with Sub Rosa spotlighted among leading North American agencies.

There, along with our Ethos and 2014 Highlights, is an articulation of our Ambition:

"Our vision includes achieving a well-understood global reputation for meaningful solutions on behalf of brands, cultural institutions, governments, NGOs and the like. Sub Rosa will continue to be sought out for sophisticated yet practically effective experience design that can scale and localize on a global scale to address ubiquitous human challenges and opportunities. Additionally, we seek to design and build more permanent and semi-permanent structures. (Our work on the New York Wheel and Roosevelt Hotel reflect this ambition.) To publish proprietary and contributed content (including a book on our Empathic Design approach) that serves as an inspiration, a reference source and an aspirational publication platform for internal and external contributors on the topic of empathic, effective solutions. To be an aspirational place to work for the best-intentioned and brightest people for generations to come. To continue to explore learn and grow, into the best version of ourselves."

About Our Practice Areas

  • Culture & Organizational Change

    Culture & Organizational Change

    Helping companies continually evolve and improve their business amidst a rapidly changing landscape.

  • Branding & Positioning

    Branding & Positioning

    Strategically situating a brand so it connects with people in a way that’s not only relevant and ownable, but also human and intuitive.

  • Product & IP Focus

    Product & IP Focus

    Stewarding a brand through the introduction of new products or services via visceral, emotive experiences and actions that connect brand and audience.