Subtle Shifts and Great Disturbances: La Petite Mort on ‘Metamorphosis’

Subtle Shifts and Great Disturbances: La Petite Mort on ‘Metamorphosis’

As we near the Summer Solstice, it can only mean one thing at Sub Rosa: La Petite Mort. We’re pleased to unveil the sixth issue of our studio’s labor of love, this time centering around the theme of Metamorphosis. It’s full of what our friends and readers have come to love and expect from La Petite Mort—a fine balance of humor, wit, reflection, and creativity. Pieces from this issue include one Sub Rosan’s touching coming out story, a poignant photographic homage to a grandparent’s home, an essay on the dangers of demagogues, and a one-of-a-kind exploration of 35 years of Hip-Hop culture.

The issue is also our most interactive yet. Inside, readers are treated to a step-by-step lesson in creating an origami lotus blossom, a search for a hidden poem, and an opportunity to reach one’s “actualized self” through an updated version of the Game of Life. Each component piece builds toward the overall metamorphosis of the issue itself, creating an uncommonly inspired experience. We hope you enjoy.

From the issue's 'Foreplay' by Michael Ventura:

Change can happen at any time. It can happen with or without cause. It can be derived from multitudes of sources. It can be befitting, or it can catalyze great disturbances. Sometimes it can even do both.

It is in this special moment, this leap of faith taken voluntarily or involuntarily, that creates the potent force of alchemy. Why does metamorphosis occur? Does it take place more than we realize? Are we giving ourselves and the world around us enough constant scrutiny and self-observation to really know? The subtle shifts that change our perspective, the gossamer edges that obscure the mystical and otherworldly fringes of this idea—these are the juicy bits we’re after.

So let’s explore our own metamorphosis and that of other things at play—living or dead, conceptual or literal, spiritual or physical. Each holds questions and answers in equal measure. It’s what we do with our findings that will matter most.


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