Live From Paris: International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change

Live From Paris: International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change


In 2015, the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21), will catalyze a community of countries, individuals, and organizations around the common goal of halting climate change. Given indigenous peoples’ widespread reliance on the natural world for their culture and livelihoods, they are especially vulnerable to, and disproportionately affected by, climate change.

This year, the International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change (IIPFCC) will be physically manifested at COP21 Paris in the form of the Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion. Sub Rosa was approached to create a logo for the IIPFCC, serving as the visual representation of what the community of indigenous people stands for during the conference and beyond.

In gaining a comprehensive understanding of the organization and its mission, the Sub Rosa design team was able to balance the central tenants of the organization’s mission while also maintaining an aesthetic simplicity and elegance, all reflecting the clear mandate of the IIPFCC to address climate change.

“The challenge of designing a logo to communicate to such a truly global community was an exciting one, and it was especially rewarding to work with an organization rooted in such important advocacy.” - Jessi Brattengeier, Jr. Art Director

As a central trope within the indigenous community, the integrity of environment – earth, sky, and water – is signified at the center of the logo. These earthly elements are enveloped by a circle of seven hands which are representative of the interconnectedness of communities among each of the IIPFCC’s regions: Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Russia and Eastern Europe, North America, Pacific, and Arctic.

This year’s conference is uniquely crucial because the expected outcome is a new international agreement to curb climate change, applicable to all, to keep global warming below 2°C. This further empowers the relationship between IIPFCC and Sub Rosa to affect positive change.

"Our partnership with Sub Rosa yielded an even more impactful output than we had hoped for. The logo is a beautiful representation of all that our team and the IIPFCC stands for – something we are proud to display." - Rodion Sulyandziga, Co-Chair of the Global Steering Committee for the IIPFCC