Calliope Opens and It Should Be Fun

Calliope Opens and It Should Be Fun


This year Sub Rosa founder Michael Ventura, with wife Caroline, of BRVTVS, embarked on a new venture with Calliope – a retail space offering “a range of furniture and lighting, as well as unique pieces from a global group of designers and artists.”

The boutique, which lives adjacent to Sub Rosa and And&And, adds yet another dimension to our West Village ecosystem.

"Two previously vacant mid-1800s West Village buildings literally divide into 'home' and 'work' for the Venturas." T Magazine

“Calliope is the West Village’s newest lifestyle storefront where the owners encourage customers to hang out. This uber cool store feels more like a friend’s apartment than a shop. Calliope also offers activities and experiences that range from drawing classes to butchery lessons with local instructors.” – The West Village Life

“Michael and Caroline Ventura’s new West Village design outpost is far more than a therapeutic retail experience, though—it’s an open-door living room where offerings new and old are not just bought, they’re experienced.” –

Photo by Josh Rubin

"For us we wanted to have a shop in the building that was a mouthpiece or a revolving door into the culture and the world that we're participating in." Michael Ventura