Behind the Work: L.L.Bean Signature “Wear Life Well”

Behind the Work: L.L.Bean Signature “Wear Life Well”

A look back at some of the inspiring lives we encountered during our work with L.L.Bean - developing and launching their Signature label and the accompanying tagline, "Wear Life Well," which these individuals truly did.

Shana Ready, Jewelry Designer

“Embracing change is a good way to go through life. I don’t know what I’ll be doing in a couple years, and that’s okay with me.”


Chase Emmons, Brooklyn Grange

“In a way, I feel like a little kid everyday when I’m up on a roof messing around with beehives or I’m harvesting tomatoes, and I’m not in a cubicle. So for me, I found what I love. I found an opportunity and I ran with it.”

Every day a million opportunities fly in front of us. The problem is that we just don't see them. Chase Emmons, Brooklyn Grange

Lisa Brodar, Portland General Store

“I’m an artist. I tell a story. I imagine something and think about an experience and then take essential oils, as if they were paint, but it creates a scent instead of a picture. And when you finally have that piece, that masterpiece. That moment of joy far exceeds the process.”

L.L.Bean, one of America’s most established and honored brands for more than 100 years, requested Sub Rosa’s strategy in redefining and relaunching a younger, more metropolitan line: L.L.Bean Signature.
Sub Rosa also redesigned the website UX, created an original video series, and produced a media campaign featuring real customers, aligned with the new tagline, “Wear Life Well.” See the full case study here.