Begin to Remember: Welcoming Winter with La Petite Mort

Begin to Remember: Welcoming Winter with La Petite Mort

Winter may not seem imminent from a currently balmy West Village, but the signs and reminders of holidays past are all-encompassing. Naturally, this time of year lends itself to reflection. Year-end “best of” lists are created, poor behavior is evaluated to (hopefully) be curbed in the coming year and we pack our schedules to reminisce and jubilate with friends and family.

The newest edition of La Petite Mort, our in-house editorial labor of love, delves into the psychology of memory: the good, the bad; the humorous and the heartbreaking. In these wonderfully chaotic weeks leading to a new year, we invite you to take some time to reflect with us.


Forward from the Winter Solstice 2015 Edition

“Think back to your earliest memory. How far into your past does it stretch? What did you find there, in the oft-overlooked recesses of your mind? And why is it still there — taking up valuable space and helping to frame the edges of your personal worldview?

Inevitably, amidst the dustbin of our history, we find memories both good and bad, fond and repressed, mono and multi-sensorial. Whatever the form, these recollections, inaccurate as some may be, have long played a role in how we understand ourselves.

Over time, our memories degrade. They get offloaded to our devices and journals. They begin to be colored by our perception and morph into near-truths. Amidst these subtle changes in our memories, we lose sight of the actual experience and instead grow new, semi-accurate versions of the facts. Whether this is detrimental or blissful is not for us to decide. It simply is.

Let’s begin to remember." Michael Ventura, Sub Rosa Founder & CEO

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