Announcing Our New ‘Applied Empathy’ Speaker Series

Announcing Our New ‘Applied Empathy’ Speaker Series

Empathy is our governing philosophy.  It allows us to reflect on the way our work relates to larger human concepts and ideals; and ultimately to better think across problems, recognizing patterns for coming to solutions.

It is in this spirit that we proudly announce Applied Empathy, a monthly speaker series that explores the contexts and behaviors in which empathy flourishes in the creative process. Each event will feature two exemplary leaders who integrate empathic thinking into their creative and working lives. The dynamic individuals presented every month will explore a unique theme, facilitated through a moderated conversation and dialogue with attendees.

The inaugural evening, centering around the theme Changing Tastes: How Design Shapes Demand, will be held in our studio space And&And on Tuesday, March 29th at 7pm. Serving as moderator will be Sub Rosa’s Founder & CEO Michael Ventura, who will be joined by siblings Piera Gelardi (Creative Director and Co-founder of Refinery29) and Pepin Gelardi (Partner, Innovation Strategy & Industrial Design at Tomorrow Lab.)

Piera Gelardi - Co-founder & Creative Director, Refinery29
Pepin Gelardi - Partner/Head of Product Design Strategy, Tomorrow Lab
Michael Ventura - Founder & CEO, Sub Rosa

“We’re thrilled to have Piera and Pepin as our inaugural Applied Empathy panelists. With a self-identified goal to help women live a more beautiful life, Piera’s Refinery29 provides lifestyle advice to millions of readers around the world. As a product design strategist, Pepin looks to user insights to refine products and to inform the development of new technologies,” said Sub Rosa’s Associate Creative Director Rae Cohen Bernamoff. “They are each in a uniquely powerful position to respond to and inform trends, and the night will be dedicated to understanding how empathy feeds their creative pioneerism.

“Sub Rosa governs itself and its client work through an ecosystemic approach to empathy,” adds Ventura. “Applied Empathy was born out of a necessity to put ‘empathy’ and ‘design thinking’ under a microscope–to go beyond the current buzzword nature of these terms. We truly believe in the work we do and look to this series as a way to explore both the philosophy and application of empathy in our daily professional and personal lives.”

The ticketed event is free of charge and open to the public. To obtain tickets, please contact Sub Rosa and And&And are located at 353 West 12th Street.


Applied Empathy was born out of a necessity to put ‘empathy’ and ‘design thinking’ under a microscope--to go beyond the current buzzword nature of these terms. Michael Ventura