Insights: 2015 Media for Social Impact Summit

Insights: 2015 Media for Social Impact Summit


Highlights from Sub Rosa Communications Strategist Rachelle Robinett’s attendance at the 2015 Media for Social Impact Summit at the United Nations.

"Project Everyone" will be the world's largest advertising campaign to rally global, public ownership of 17 crowdsourced “#globalgoals” from the world, over the course of the next 15 years.

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The Summit

The global goals include universal issues such as “Eradicating Extreme Hunger and Poverty” and “Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Women.”

The high-level Global Goals campaign has been created, including a manifesto, visual icons, goal identification and names (short, simple) and data visualizations to communicate the initiatives and opportunities for support across media and cultures.

Event speakers and attendees included representatives from Mashable, Participant Media, MSNBC, The Gates Foundation, The White House, Awesomeness TV, Lionshare Media, Global Citizen, Facebook, CAA, Bloomberg Media, and Sub Rosa. (All others listed on the summit website.)

The day began with panels and TEDTalks-style presentations of case studies showcasing “innovative social impact media campaigns.” Including “It’s On Us,” “Make Room” and “The Autocomplete Truth Campaign“:


The latter half of the day saw all attendees in breakout groups considering individual challenges related to the campaign. (For example, brainstorming “cutting-edge media strategy and distribution campaigns for the global goals.”)

While the group size and day’s time constraints challenged a complete brainstorm, the discussion was rousing and yielded a simple communication framework for the campaign, which included both an overall plan and tiered communications.

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Following the summit, white-papers will be circulated and groups established in order to maintain communication and momentum. In September 2015, the United Nations will host the Summit to align on the global goals’ campaign.

Read more about the upcoming, and previous summits from The UN Foundations.

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