Creative Technology Director

Sub Rosa is looking for a Creative Technology Director to join our team and to bring amazing, awe-inspiring technical work to experience design. The Creative Technology Department at Sub Rosa develops across a vast medium of interactive technologies that cross from traditional screens into the physical world.

The role includes writing code for web, mobile, and physical computing applications, testing and researching technology, and working in partnership with all members of the Sub Rosa team. The right person should have a strong understanding of object-oriented client and server side architectures, building and consuming APIs, service-oriented architectures, and the ability to work autonomously and with teams. The role will also require travel and to be a part of installations and integration in the field with other members of the team. Here are the guts of the role:


  • Lead and cultivate the technology team which has a focus on software development service offerings
  • Develop and close new business relationships with clients in conjunction with the Business Development team
  • Ensure that software development methodology is established and process is followed
  • Ensure best practices for development tools and programming/testing standards
  • Ensure that estimation and scope management best practices are followed
  • Ensure that the technology team produces work at the highest quality
  • Ensure that the teams’ utilization is at peak capacity in a creative consultancy business model
  • Contributes to authorship and/or public profile of Sub Rosa
  • Ensure the group is efficient and profitable and that clients needs are met or exceeded
  • Provide a central, savvy voice to the software development aspect of the company. Sheppard software development efforts which include:
    • Business planning
    • Cultivation of skills and talent including the selection of technology platforms to invest in Mentoring and guidance for the Technical Team
    • Creative concepting for presentations & prototypes
    • Fostering ongoing improvements in software development processes and methodologies
    • Ensuring that the software development group priorities are aligned with Sub Rosa Agency objectives
  • Serve as primary technical contact for clients and third-party vendors
  • Manage and engage in regular check-ins and follow-up with project developers and provide guidance and information related to the project in a timely fashion
  • Conduct regular meetings to review project risks, issues and develop mitigation and contingency plans where required
  • Review contract and vendor documentation and experience writing and crafting proposal and support-level agreements
  • Define and document best practices and contribute to company knowledge sharing effort
  • Participate in new business opportunities as required, develop proposals and scopes of work as required
  • Participate in and contribute to group brainstorm and ideation sessions
  • Be curious.

The Skills You’ll Need:

  • Arduino
  • Soldering
  • Processing
  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Native Android Development
  • Native iOS Development
  • Communication via WebSockets
  • Right at home working within MVC frameworks and CMS platforms
  • Familiarity with server-side scripting structure and syntax (PHP, Ruby, Python, etc)
  • MongoDB, Postgres and MySQL database familiarity
  • Able to articulate technical documentation and provide WBS
  • Familiarity with Heroku and AWS
  • Systems design with scalability and performance in mind before it becomes a necessity
  • Able to work in traditional waterfall and agile processes
  • Insatiable curiosity and forward-thinking nature

Other Skills We Like:

  • Physical computing, vision and generative systems (Arduino, multi-touch, OpenFrameworks, Processing, Kinect, OpenCV)
  • Native and HTML5 development for iOS and Android
  • Knowledge of HAML, SASS, Compass and JavaScript
  • Server administration for OS X Server, Linux, Apache, Nginx
  • CDNs for static asset delivery and video streaming
  • API integrations and oAuth2 for services like Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter
  • Commitment and contribution to open-source projects

To apply, please submit your resume and portfolio to and indicate “Creative Technology Director” as the subject.

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