Sub Rosa is an independent strategy and design practice helping organizations explore, learn and grow. We are solution-agnostic thinkers, designers and builders.

Our work is grounded in empathy. We begin by understanding the realities and ambitions of the participants in each interaction, and we design and build solutions based on this understanding.

We create interactions that stimulate meaningful conversations, behaviors, relationships and memories. In this way, we solve challenges and unlock opportunities for clients and communities.

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We are craftsmen, conjurers & dreamers.

We are Sub Rosa.

Sub Rosa’s expertise is applied in three practice areas:

  • Culture & Organizational Change

    Culture & Organizational Change

    Helping companies continually evolve and improve their business amidst a rapidly changing landscape.

  • Branding & Positioning

    Branding & Positioning

    Strategically situating a brand so it connects with people in a way that’s not only relevant and ownable, but also human and intuitive.

  • Product & IP Focus

    Product & IP Focus

    Stewarding a brand through the introduction of new products or services via visceral, emotive experiences and actions that connect brand and audience.

Each of these core expertise deliver meaningful results across:


We have built a powerful engine that can serve our clients' needs for finding the right strategic path through to design and implementation. Our capabilities support a wide spectrum of services.

  • Strategy

    Research & Insights
    Brand Positioning
    Campaign Development
    Strategic Planning
  • Design

    Brand Identity
    Digital Design
    Creative & Art Direction
    Visual Design
  • Interactive

    User Experience
    Digital Development
    Physical Computing
    Mobile & Social
  • Experiential

    Service Design
    Spatial & Environmental Design
    Architecture & Fabrication
    Experience Management
  • Content

    Film, Photo, & Animation
    End-to-End Production
    Advanced Technologies (VR)
    Distribution & Media

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